Why Photo Booth?

Nowadays everyone has a digital camera and can get pictures printed, so why pay for a photo booth? The answer is simple, it's all about the experience. Our booths are the life of any party, the memories that are created will last a lifetime. We aren't the cheapest, but we're definitely one of the best.

Emotions that causes your project in visitor are no less important ticket to success. Modern solutions, interesting elements, unique approach to details make this template recognizable and interesting. You project will not look like a template bought in a store and adapted within couple of hours. Oh, no! This is not your case. You obtain qualitative, fascinating and juicy final product that is modern and actual. Qualitative and flexible code lays in base of this great product.

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Customise the heck out of your photo booth hire! We have a sweet range of photo strip designs, super fun backdrops and an awesome range of props and party packs that you can choose from. But don’t let us hold you back… If you’re the designy / DIY type of person, or you’re working with a stylist, then go totally nuts… let’s all work together to create something fully amazing and completely you.

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Please call to check the dates and availability of a particular booth and only then book it.


$115 / hour
  • Unlimited photos
  • Lab Quality Super-Fast
  • 20+ Awesome Party Props
  • Canon DSLR camera
  • Indoors/Outdoors booths
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$295 / hour
  • 50+ themes
  • Studio quality chroma key
  • 30+ Awesome Party Props
  • Canon DSLR camera
  • Indoors/Outdoors booths
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$350 / hour
  • Full size mirror
  • Studio quality lighting
  • Fully responsive surface
  • Canon DSLR camera
  • Indoors only mirror
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* Refund can be issued in case of malfunction during the period of rent. Otherwise our service is not refundable.

Choose your plan

Go your hardest! For the time that you’ve hired the photo booth, you can use it as much as you like. Want a photo with your partner? No problem. Want a photo with that waiter serving your table? Go for it. Partner AND the waiter? Why not?! It’s your booth, use it all you like. After each session, we’ll print you a set of duplicate prints that you can take home to stick on the fridge door.

# Booth Type 4 hours Day Weekend
1 Standard Indoors/Outdoors $490 $675 $2100
2 Green Screen Indoors/Outdoors $900 $1400 $3000
3 Mirror Indoors $1150 $1800 $3500

Here you can book the booth you discussed with our operator over the phone. Please do not forger to use the PO number provided over the phone! Book your plan*

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